Are you ready to be done with acne FOREVER?

You are tired of having pimples and being self-conscious about your skin and appearance! You dream of waking up in the morning and not having to run to the mirror to check out your latest outbreak. You’re fed up with hiding behind heavy make-up and avoiding situations where you might be seen without it. You feel so unattractive that it’s even affecting your personal relationships.

Imagine a life without having to hide!

Although your acne doesn’t threaten your life, you probably have sought treatment as if your life depended on it. You’ve tried (or at least considered trying) some type of topical or oral antibiotic, but are more holistically minded and afraid of any negative side effects. You are looking for someone to compassionately guide and support you so that you don’t feel so alone with this.

You want more than anything to look and feel beautiful! It’s time for you to finally have healthy, glowing skin, to feel relaxed and refreshed, and to step into your life with confidence. You are SO ready to show your true self to the world.

I was right where you are now. And, I can help you.

Acne is a multi-faceted condition which deserves a multi-faceted treatment. I’ve created a holistic skin care system based on my own healing journey with acne as well as my 17 years of experience as a holistic skin care specialist. The Beautiful Skin Solution For Acne will heal your acne and help you to look and feel more beautiful.The four steps to my holistic system are the following…

1. Regular Facial Treatments

First, you will come in for regular, customized facial treatments that help to correct imbalances in your skin, deeply cleanse and clarify congested pores, and help calm and heal irritated skin. I will work with your lymph to stimulate the removal of waste and toxins and cleanse your body. Each treatment will benefit your complexion as well as your whole body, leaving you looking and feeling relaxed, glowing and well-balanced.

2. Skin Care Regimen

Then, you will be given specific products and a skin-care regimen that provides gentle, daily exfoliation without stripping the skin, supports the healing of blemishes and regulate the production of oil, and neutralizes and nourishes your skin. You will use natural, vibrant, organic products to support safe and long-term healing of your skin.

3. Nutrition

In order to heal your acne, you MUST take a look at your digestion and your diet. Acne is misplaced metabolism. Whatever is going on with your skin is likely also happening in your belly. It is time to get to the root of your problem, start detoxifying, and break the cycle of acne so that you can have clear and healthy skin.

4. Self-Acceptance

I know firsthand the effects that having acne has on your self-esteem. Creating a safe and sacred environment, we will talk about self-love and self-acceptance. You will create a personal affirmation that will guide you on your journey, and you will shift old, negative thinking with journaling, mindfulness and meditation. It’s time to love yourself and bring back your confidence!

Do you want to heal your skin from acne?

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I still feel the glow! I felt so relieved when I left your house- relieved of all this old, negative energy surrounding my skin & appearance, relieved of the feeling that I should look better for someone else.
My skin continues to look better than ever! some superficial breakout the day after our facial that definitely seemed like the lymph continuing to move up & out. Scars are healing & my skin is becoming even & bright.
Most amazingly though, I just feel GOOD about myself in a simple, easy way that hasn’t been fully available to me since puberty. I really cannot thank you enough, both for that groundbreaking session, and for everything you’ve helped me with since we met. I feel transformed, and that I will only continue to improve. I definitely want to continue working with you on my skin & energy!

Anna Sullivan