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Give yourself the gift of relaxation!

When was the last time you took time for yourself?

You go through your life, jumping from one task to another, so busy that it’s hard to stop and enjoy all the blessings in front of you. You barely have a minute to just sit back, slow down and catch your breath. You know the importance of self-care, but you struggle to make yourself a priority. As a result, you’re sometimes short-tempered and feel tired a lot of the time, and your skin looks depleted and dull.

You long to carve time out of your busy schedule to slow down and refuel. You deserve to receive nurturing and healing touch, to be pampered and deeply relaxed. It’s time for you to finally feel calm, refreshed, and glowing.

Imagine this…                                                  IMG_1301

You sink into a comfortable facial bed…

Surrounded by relaxing music and the healing vibrations of colored lights, tension starts to slip away…

Warm aromatherapy compresses help you to breathe deeper and have a soothing effect on your entire being…

Experience nurturing, rhythmical, healing, intuitive touch that stimulates lymph flow, cleansing and strengthening the immune system …

Receive a healthy, carefully created holistic facial treatment utilizing Dr. Hauschka pure essential oils, cleansers, masks and healing solutions…

Conclude your session with an organic herbal elixir as you integrate your experience…

You leave feeling lighter, deeply relaxed and glowing, from the inside out…

Classic Treatment

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka KosmetikThe Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment is the ultimate in healing treatments and is considered by Dr. Hauschka to be their “Signature Treatment”. It gives you the time you deserve to really go deep and receive. I begin the treatment by preparing a warm sage foot bath for you. This is our time to connect and for you to start to let go of the “real world”.  Colored lights give off a vibration that your body picks up on a deeper level. You then slide into the comfortable facial bed and I continue to ground the energy by offering a lymph stimulating massage to your legs and feet using organic, aromatherapy oils. You start to feel a bit lighter. I continue this nurturing massage on your arms and hands and then make my way up to the release of your neck and head. Ahhh, can’t you start to feel the release! Using warm aromatherapy compresses, I prepare your skin for cleansing, removing dirt, sweat and makeup. After cleansing, a steam bath opens the pores to help facilitate extractions, which gives  your skin a more vibrant look. I then apply the first of 2 masks; a clay mask that gently exfoliates, draws out toxins and calms and cools the skin. At the heart of the Dr. Hauschka treatment is the stimulation of your lymph system: gentle, rhythmical hand and brush movements that stimulate lymph flow, cleansing and strengthening the immune system. It is at this point that most people enter “the zone”. Your skin is now receptive to the therapeutic conditioner and nourishing second mask that I apply. While this healing mask is soaking in and feeding your skin, I preform a soothing massage to your upper chest, helping your heart to relax and open. A healing herbal elixir is served to end the treatment. The result of The Classic Treatment is a renewed sense of well-being and a healthy, glowing complexion, from the inside out.  You will be floating for days!
$160.00 2 hours

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Intro to the Classic Treatment with Foot Soak

Can’t choose between the Classic Treatment and the Intro to the Classic Treatment? This is for you. This treatment starts with a grounding sage foot soak. Then aromatherapy oils are used during the lymph stimulating massage of your legs and feet. The Intro to the Classic Treatment follows. (See below).  Stress and tension melt away leaving you lighter and brighter.
$130.00 90 minutes

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Intro to the Classic Treatment

 The Intro to The Classic Treatment is meant to be a teaser to the full blown Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment. I invite you to relax by massaging your arms and hands with organic oils. I cleanse your skin using hot aromatherapy compresses, engaging the senses with the aromatherapy and color therapy. Then comes steam, extractions and the deep cleansing clay mask. Your skin feels smoother and looks clearer. After removing this exfoliating mask, I preform the unique lymph stimulating massage, cleansing and strengthening the immune system. This is followed by a healing conditioner and the appropriate day care, nourishing and hydrating your skin. A healing herbal elixir completes this treatment as you integrate back in to your body. You and your skin will feel lighter and glowing, from the inside out.  You will come back wanting more.
$95.00 1 Hour

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LThe Backial is basically a facial for your back. You know how it feels when you can’t really reach the middle of your back and cleanse it as fully as you would like to? Well this is the perfect solution! Using hot aromatherapy compresses, your body starts to release tension. I start the cleansing process of your back by using a gentle exfoliating cleanser,  removing dirt, oil and sweat. Then comes steam and extractions which leaves your skin lighter and smoother.  Now the skin is ready for the exfoliating clay mask, sloughing away years of dead skin and dirt. A gentle, relaxing. lymph stimulating and detoxifying massage with Dr. Hauschka aromatherapy oils tops off the treatment. You’ll feel like a new person!
$95.00 1 Hour

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Cancellations and timeliness:
If you need to re-schedule a session, please give me at least 24 hours notice. If you have an emergency and are unable to make it to the session, please give me at least 4 hours notice and we will re-schedule. If you do not cancel with 4hours notice, you will forfeit that session. If a re-schedule is needed a 2nd time, you will be asked to prepay for your treatment and will be charged if you are unable to make it.  If 24 hours notice is not given, the full treatment fee will be charged.

In turn, I will honor all our appointments. In the unlikely event that I cannot keep our appointment, I will give you at least 24 hours notice and we will re-schedule. In case of emergency, I will give you 4 hours notice. If for some crazy reason I forget or am not here for your appointment, I will re-book your session free of charge.

If you arrive late to a session, your session will end at the original scheduled time. If I start a session late, I will make up the time at the end of the session if possible for both of us, or add time to an upcoming session.






I am a long-term client; first at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and now at her private practice. Saralee has so much integrity that it sets her apart from the vast majority of others in her field. I cannot imagine feeling more safe with any practitioner. She is honest beyond compare, and she is extremely responsible and accountable. There is virtually no treatment I leave where I feel more relaxed, tended, nurtured or healed at a deep level than when I have a treatment with Saralee. I float on a cushion of well-being that is precious and rare. A session with her is one of my all-time favorite hours of my week. I could not recommend Saralee more highly. Kristi Nelson

Executive Director, A Network For Grateful Living