Package Deals and Incentives

Who can resist some great package deals and incentives? To support you on your journey of self love and care, I am offering these package deals and incentives. If you think you look and feel good after one treatment, imagine how you’ll feel with a regular routine of treatments!  You don’t build up all of that dirt and stress on your skin in one month. Therefore, it takes more than one treatment to set you on your path. The results of the healing work that we do together are cumulative. I offer these package deals and incentives as a way to encourage you to make a commitment to yourself and your skin.  You deserve it! You will find yourself counting the days until your next appointment. Do you have a great incentive idea? I’d love to hear it.

~Book and pay for 6 treatments in a 6 month period and get the 7th one for free!

~Send 5 referrals my way (who book treatments)  and get a free 1 hour session!

~Host a “Radiance Revealed Party” (formerly know as “Radiant You Party”) and receive a free goody bag of sample products and $10.00 off all products ordered!

Don’t know what a “Radiance Revealed Party” is? See this Blog Post