Are you looking for a better way of taking care of your skin as you get older?

You’re an active woman, and you feel young at heart. But, you don’t like the changes you see in your skin. When you look in the mirror, your focus goes directly to your skin, and you notice that it doesn’t have the same quality, tone or elasticity that it used to have. You look washed out and “blah.” No matter how many layers of cream you slather on day and night, your skin still feels dry. You notice more “age” spots, sagging and wrinkles. You wish you could slow down the aging process so that your appearance can reflect your vibrant spirit.

You’ve raised your family and now it’s time for you to take care of yourself.

You embrace the idea of becoming an “elder”, a wise-woman, yet you wonder, “How can I feel beautiful at this phase of my life?” You don’t want to do anything drastic like undergo plastic surgery or Botox. Instead, you’re looking for a better, more natural way to take care of your skin as you get older. You want to look and feel beautiful and renewed.

I want to help you because I am you.

I have seen the changes in my own skin since going through menopause. I’ve drawn on my personal experience and 17 years of experience as a holistic skin care specialist to create “The Beautiful Skin Solution for Maturing Skin”, a skin care system to help you bring more vitality to your maturing skin.

The four steps to my holistic system are the following…

1. Regular Facials

First, you will come in for regular facials that help guide your skin back to a more balanced state. This personalized treatment is based upon your skin’s specific needs as well as your desired results. Each treatment will help you to deeply relax and soften the way you hold tension in your face. Stimulating the lymph glands with gentle and nurturing touch, the treatment will boost the health of your skin, filter impurities from your body and provide a sense of overall well-being. The treatment will renew your skin and energize your skin’s regenerative processes, making for a more vibrant appearance. Each treatment is an extension of caring for your entire being, leaving you refreshed, hydrated and nourished.

You will alternate your skin care treatments with Reiki treatments. These healing energy treatments to relax your mind and body not only support your skin, but also improve your sleep, boost your immune system, and increase your energy.

2. Skin Care

As we age, the skins’ needs change. I will teach you a skin-care regimen and start you on products that support you during this stage of life. These organic, biodynamic products assist the skin’s renewal, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin tone and elasticity

3. Nutrition

We can’t talk about skin care without addressing diet and digestion. A sluggish digestive system makes for a sluggish skin. It is important to take a look at your diet and see if it is helping you to look and feel your best.  With the help of an organic herbal elixir, you will embark on a two-week cleanse that will support your body’s natural ability to gently eliminate toxins and promote overall health and vitality.

4. Self-Love

Another step to aging beautifully is to be at peace within yourself. Perhaps your sense of self has taken a beating lately. It’s time to let go of the inner critic and to love and accept yourself. Your body heals by the messages you give it. Let’s take a look at any fear or judgement and address it. I will help you create an affirmation that can help guide you on your journey and help you embrace your inner and outer beauty.

Are you ready to take some much deserved time for yourself to look and feel your best?

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Saralee’s sessions create such deep relaxation for my whole Being…my face feels so nourished and soft, my whole body incredibly relaxed, all the tension and stress of life floats away…I feel like I’ve had a spa vacation after a couple of hours with Saralee. At 63 yrs. old, I need that!

Deborah Lord

Therapeutic Life Coach, Deborah Lord Healing