(pronounced ray key) means universal life energy. Reiki Healing Energy Treatment can be a  powerful mental and physical vacation from life. This Reiki healing is a  non-invasive form of hands-on healing that can be used on everyone as a way to reduce stress, relax, slow life down and heal.

During a Reiki session, I open myself up to the universal life energy. I become a vessel for healing energy to move through me and then transmit this energy to you, the recipient. This is a beautiful non-invasive form of physical and emotional healing and balancing.

I love doing this work! I love feeling the energy move through me and connecting with you. One of the beautiful gifts of Reiki is that the energy goes wherever it is most needed. There is nothing that you need to do or believe for this to occur.

I invite you to take a mini vacation from the stress of life and come experience for yourself how relaxing and healing a session can be.

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