Can you relate to this…?

You’re at a party, having a glass of wine, and suddenly you can feel the heat starting to rise to your face. Someone makes a comment about how nice it must be to always have that “rosy cheek” look, and you turn beet red. You try to smile, but inside you feel shame and embarrassment. You’ve started to dread social situations, and sometimes, you just want to stay in and hide.

Are you ready to say goodbye to your sensitive, inflamed skin?

You’ve struggled with various mysterious symptoms which could include dry patches, toe fungus, and digestive issues to name a few possibilities and you wonder if they are connected with your skin condition. You’ve been to dermatologists, and all they want to do is put you on a topical antibiotic, but you’re looking for a healthy alternative that’s nurturing and holistic. You feel confused and overwhelmed with the conflicting information and don’t quite know how to even take the first step toward healing.

You want to get to the root of the problem and clear up your skin once and for all!

You want someone with compassion and personal experience to support and guide you through the process of healing. You’re looking for a holistic approach that takes into consideration your lifestyle, nutrition, and skin care routine. You long for fewer inflammation, break outs, and broken capillaries, and clearer, calmer, and more balanced skin.

I want to help you because I struggled with rosacea, and I know firsthand how debilitating this condition can be.

Rosacea is a systemic condition, and it requires a holistic approach. I’ve created a holistic skin care system “The Beautiful Skin Solution For Rosacea” to help control and eliminate the symptoms of your rosacea and to help you to look and feel beautiful.  The four steps to my holistic system are the following…

1. Facial treatments

First, you will come in for regular facials to soothe and calm the inflammation in your skin. Rosacea is an imbalance of the rhythmic functions in the skin, and receiving regular treatments will rebalance your skin. Gentle, non-irritating exfoliation and nurturing touch will support your skin’s renewal and will reinforce and reestablish a healthy barrier function, making it less reactive.

2. Skin Care

I will teach you a skin-care regimen with specific products to reduce inflammation, calm your breakouts, and control and heal your rosacea. You will also learn how to heal your skin with probiotics, digestive support and supplements.

3. Nutrition

Finally, we will get to the root of your problem- your diet and your daily choices that affect your skin. By understanding the culprits that trigger your rosacea, and eliminating the foods that contribute to the unhealthy environment in your body, your skin tone will even out, your skin will become less reactive, and you will have the glowing skin that you dream of

4. Self-Love

The emotional side effects of having rosacea are huge. I know how difficult it is and what a profound impact that poor self-esteem and low self-acceptance can have on your life. I will be your number one supporter on your journey, and you will learn how to truly feel confident, love yourself, and know that you are beautiful.

Are you ready to heal your skin from rosacea?

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Saralee is a masterful esthetician. She is deeply knowledgeable about the skin and Dr. Hauschka products. Her touch is soothing, relaxing and healing. I have sensitive skin and celiac, and she is always responsive and carefully researches what is safe and healing for my special needs. She charts a clients progress, and is instrumental in helping skin to reach its happiest health.

Mindy Theroux

Pilates instructor, Private practice